• The Summer Tour of Chiko Solar Family In August 2018
    Post time: 08-23-2018

    In order to enrich the spare time of the employees, enhance the friendship between colleagues, broaden their horizons and cultivate their sentiments, on August 10-12, 2018, all employees of Shanghai CHIKO Solar Technology Co., Ltd. went to Ningbo, Zhejiang Province for summer. Travel team activit...Read more »

  • Memory Of CHIKO Solar Suzhou Outdoor activities In May,2018
    Post time: 05-16-2018

    The pace of work is accelerating, and most of the exchanges between colleagues are based on work. Although the work is the first one, if it is just blind work, it will eventually lack some human touch. In order to create a harmonious and harmonious collective atmosphere, as a solar mounting manuf...Read more »

  • Ground Solar mounting innovative products—T2VC
    Post time: 04-18-2018

    CHIKO solar has always been devote to develop better quality  solar mounting products,In order to attend the 12th PV Exhibition ,chiko a new solar mounting products—-T2VC . Effect diagram: Compared with the previous ground solar mounting, this T2VC product is more suitable for lawns.This...Read more »

  • "Quality-determined trust" 丨 Jiangsu Customers visit Chiko Solar to Negotiate Cooperation
    Post time: 03-22-2018

     On March 21st, 2018, a delegation of Jiangsu Customers led by its general manager Mr. Yamauchi went to Chiko Solar to discuss the cooperation of Malaysia’s 180MW ground-based Pv power station project.         CHIKO Chairman Mr Li and Sales Director Ms. Lin warmly received a delegation fro...Read more »

  • "CHIKO Solar Mounting" popular in Latin America 丨 Brazilian Customers ‘s Visits
    Post time: 03-20-2018

    As we all know, Latin America belongs to the mid- high-end market, while most of Brazil’s territory is located in the tropics, with long sunshine hours and huge potential for solar power generation. With the rapid development of global pv power generation in recent years, more new technologies an...Read more »

  • Wonderful Time Of Shanghai CHIKO Solar Celebration for 2018 Chinese New Year
    Post time: 02-08-2018

    On February 3, 2018, Shanghai Chiko Solar 2018 annual celebration was grandly held in Shanghai Baise Tong Hotel. Shanghai Chiko Solar company more than 100 employees came to the scene, gathered together to enjoy this wonderful time. [CEO Mr Lee's Speech]         Time flies, 2017 has passed, w...Read more »

  • 【Notice】 Chiko Solar 2018 Chinese Spring Festival Holiday schedule
    Post time: 01-19-2018

    Dear Customer: Hello   Thanks for your understanding and full support in 2017. It is because your trust that we can in the fierce competition of the solar pv mounting market continued progress and development. In the Chinese 2018 Spring Festival approaching, Chiko Solar also give the most sincere...Read more »

  • CHIKO Solar Team Celebrate the coming Christmas on December 23,2017
    Post time: 12-28-2017

    In the afternoon of December 23,CHIKO solar hosted a Christmas party in the staff activity room. All employees came to the party celebrating the coming Christmas together. Decorated by colorful balloons, food and drink on the table, the staff activity room becomes so lovely. Look at our Chiko ‘s...Read more »

  • Application of Chiko Solar pv bracket on metal sheet roofing
    Post time: 12-25-2017

    As a kind of new type, environmental protection, clean and renewable energy, solar energy in recent years more and more attention, many business owners want their own idle plant roof use, installed solar photovoltaic power plants, utility and environmental protection, but also increase the extra ...Read more »

  • Chiko Solar introduces the concrete roof solar PV bracket mounting system
    Post time: 12-22-2017

    Flat roof concrete solar roof bracket mounting system, according to the user’s actual situation, the production of different volumes of concrete piers compacts for fixed photovoltaic installation on the roof frame, combined with rational design and installation. Product Features: Flexible...Read more »

  • 【Invitation Card】Shanghai CHIKO SOLAR will attend the Dhabi Word Future Energy Summit (WFES) 2018
    Post time: 12-13-2017

    Shanghai CHIKO SOLAR will attend the Dhabi Word Future Energy Summit (WFES) 2018 The World Future Energy Summit & Exhibition is the world’s leading exhibition for the sustainable development industry. It is the largest, most powerful and influential world leading renewable energy exhibi...Read more »

  • Shanghai Chiko Solar Warmly Welcome Jordanian Customers Visit to Discuss Cooperation
    Post time: 12-12-2017

    On November 6, 2017, the Jordan customer visit to Shanghai Chiko Solarfor an inspection tour to discuss the specific cooperation of solar mounting bracket. The sales director, Ms. Lynn and chiko’s engineer accompanied Jordan customers visited the  production workshop, specific in-depth stud...Read more »

  • Actively Expand The South American PV market, Chiko Solar warmly welcomes Brazilian Client for field and study visits.
    Post time: 12-11-2017

    2017 is coming to an end soon, in the last month of this year, Shanghai Chiko Solar is making its last round of performance sprint! Following the first half of November, Chile and Argentina customers have come to visit the solar mounting bracket business cooperation matters, on November 13, anoth...Read more »

  • CHIKO Solar Warmly Welcome Dutch Customers Visit To Discuss Cooperation
    Post time: 12-09-2017

    2017 will soon be over, review this year, Shanghai Chiko Solar with integrity and dedication, the spirit of innovation, customer supreme principle, the Chiko solar mounting bracket won the praise of customers at home and abroad, Chiko’s solar mounting products have been exported to Australi...Read more »

  • Chiko Solar warmly welcomes the customers from Chile
    Post time: 11-17-2017

    On November 14, 2017, a customer from Chile made a special trip and conducted a field visit to Chiko Solar Technology Co., Ltd. . Chiko solar Sales Manager Miss Lynn and the salesman Joffery warmly welcomed the visit of foreign friends, arranged a meticulous reception work. The salesman Joffery m...Read more »

  • Argentine customers visit the Chiko Solar and discuss cooperation
    Post time: 11-06-2017

    On November 3, 2017, Argentinean customers visit our company . High quality solar bracket products and services, strong company qualification and reputation, and good industry development prospects, which are important reasons to attract this customer’s visit. Mr. Lee, the general manager o...Read more »

  • Chiko solar in the first half of the domestic sales of pv bracket breakthrough 100MW!
    Post time: 10-25-2017

    As of the end of June 2017, Shanghai Chiko Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Chiko solar”) solar pv bracket accumulated orders have exceeded 100MW, a substantial increase over last year. This fully reflects the Chiko solar in the PV market leading position, the c...Read more »

  • CHIKO solar photovoltaic stands and new energy go hand in hand
    Post time: 10-11-2017

    We all know that solar pv mounting stands is a special stand for solar photovoltaic panels in order to place, install and fix solar panels. General materials are made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel. Chiko Solar is a leading manufacturer of solar mounting with a 1000MW PV roof support and a ...Read more »

  • A Look at Chiko Solar’s Innovative Rail-Free Solar mounting system
    Post time: 09-27-2017

    “Our internal projections show that rail-free systems will have about 50 percent of the residential composite and tile markets by 2018 and 85 percent by 2020.” As an up-and-coming innovator in the solar mounting space, Chiko Solar made an impression at this year’s Solar Power International...Read more »

  • CHIKO Will Attend Amercian Solar Power International(SPI) Expo 2017
    Post time: 08-10-2017

    Main information: Welcome all circles friends to visit our expo stand on Amercian Solar Power International 2017 and congratulate beforehand Amercian Solar Power International 2017 complete success. Expo time: September 10-13, 2017 Expo site: Mandalay Bay Convention CenterLas Vegas, NV Booth...Read more »

  • Chiko Solar roof mount and rail-free racking system
    Post time: 06-30-2017

    Four new solar roof mount and rail-free racking systems products of Chiko Solar Tilt Kits Mount CK-IT Series is a rail-free racking solution for trapezoid and corrugated sheet metal roofing enabling you to install without railing. CH-FTH-017: First Edition compliant, and offers a faster, easier i...Read more »

  • Chiko solar company – Commercial solar racking system
    Post time: 06-22-2017

    Chiko solar company, a lightweight, robust and easy-to-install commercial solar racking system overcomes many of the challenges of commercial roof types, and greatly expands the number of roofs in which solar technology can be utilized. No roof excavation needed with the attachment plate The e...Read more »

  • Shanghai Chiko Solar Relocation Announcement
    Post time: 06-07-2017

    Dear customers: Thank you for your support and cooperation,All the staff of the Chiko Solar expressed their heartfelt greatful! As the company expanded further and the brand image gradually improve,Chiko solar moved to the new address in June 3, 2017:No 680 Xingwen Rd. Jiading dist. Shanghai...Read more »

  • Japanese customers came to visit Chiko
    Post time: 05-11-2017

    On April 17th, 2017, Japanese customers came to visit Shanghai Chiko Solar Technology Co.,Ltd and negotiate the cooperation details. During their visit, our boss Mr. Lee and the general manager Miss Lynn had a fruitful meeting with Japanese customers. First of all, they watched Chiko’s promotion...Read more »

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