• Corrosion prevention for the solar mounting of solar system on saline land
    Post time: 07-18-2018

    Corrosion phenomenon of industrial construction projects can be seen in various industries, affected by soil, sea water, atmosphere and other corrosive media,there are various degrees of corrosion damage. Relevant statistics show that in China, the loss caused by corrosion or the cost of adopting...Read more »

  • Common kinds in solar mounting systems
    Post time: 07-03-2018

    The importance of solar mounting is the most important in the entire PV power plant system. The design and installation of the entire matrix is directly related to the power generation and stability of the PV power plant. Therefore, the selection of the solar mounting base is particularly importa...Read more »

  • Solar bracket mounting should pass the test of strong winds
    Post time: 06-26-2018

    In an open environment, high winds blow from time to time, and many unqualified PV bracket mounting are damaged by strong winds. After the storm, not only can we see the rainbow, but we can also see the intrinsic quality of the products. The photovoltaic panels were blown up by winds was reported...Read more »

  • How selection to solar bracket raw materials
    Post time: 06-21-2018

    In the photovoltaic industry can be widely recognized by people, solar bracket plays a key role.The firmness and durability of the solar bracket bracket will undoubtedly reduce the cost of the company and save the company’s time and effort.As the global leading manufacturer of solar stents,...Read more »

  • The new trends in development of solar bracket in China
    Post time: 06-12-2018

    As a developing country, the recent development of high technology has entered a bottleneck. Under such circumstances, Where should the focus of China’s photovoltaic industry be placed? In order to increase the power generation and gain high profits,all companies of the PV industry chain ha...Read more »

  • Chinese "531" New policies limited solar PV mounting could promote deeply pv module price falls in Q3
    Post time: 06-07-2018

    Chinese “531″ New policies affecting all solar market segments in China are likely to lead to production overcapacity in the second half of 2018. The new regulations, announced June 1, will likely see the Chinese market decline from an expected 40-45 GW to 30-35 GW for the year, analy...Read more »

  • Chinese Solar Mounting Could Decline By More Than A Third In 2018
    Post time: 06-05-2018

    According to a briefing paper released by the Asia Europe Clean Energy (Solar) Advisory Co. Ltd. (AECEA) over the weekend, Friday’s public policy notice abolished the 13.9 GW target established by China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) for utility-scale projects in 2018. Beijing’s policy up...Read more »

  • Good projects should be shared by everyone. Photovoltaic power plants should benefit everyone.
    Post time: 05-09-2018

    With the vigorous development of the world in these years and the excessive use of resources, global resources have entered a phase of deprivation. In addition, the problem of environmental pollution cannot be ignored.In this situation, the photovoltaic industry is booming. A large number of idle...Read more »

  • Development of solar mounting system superiority
    Post time: 04-27-2018

    At present,The two main goals of the development and construction of PV power plants are: cost reduction and efficiency increase.In order to achieve these two goals,manufacturers at all stages of the PV industry chain have major effort to develop their own technologies in order to win even great...Read more »

  • Polysilicon prices continue to rise, whether the solar mounting is affected!
    Post time: 04-23-2018

    Recent photovoltaic market,polysilicon prices continue to rise。One of the main materials for making photovoltaic panels from polysilicon, which belongs to the high-tech sector of the photovoltaic industry.Solar mounting, compared with photovoltaic panel technology,the technology is much lower. ...Read more »

  • 【EnergyTrend】PV Power Industry Exempt From U.S. Section 301 List
    Post time: 04-09-2018

    The Chinese solar energy industry  include solar mounting structure has uttered a sigh of relief, as it is excluded from the Section 301 product list, publicized by the USTR (Office of the United States Trade Representative) on April 3, meaning that the Sino-U.S. solar-energy trade will still pro...Read more »

  • More than 20 PV makers request exemptions from US solar import duties
    Post time: 03-27-2018

    We may be risking understatement in declaring that the 30% duties on imported PV cells modules recently imposed by the Trump Administration are unpopular among the international solar industry. by the deadline to file for an exemption late Friday, more than 20 manufacturers asked to be excluded f...Read more »

  • Middle East and North Africa Plan to add 11.86 GW of solar Mounting energy In 2018
    Post time: 03-12-2018

    The Middle East Solar Energy Industry Association (MESIA) stated that 2018 is expected to be a year of large-scale promotion of solar energy in the Middle East and North Africa. According to MESIA’s “2018 Solar Energy Outlook Report”, the planned solar mounting project capacity reached 1...Read more »

  • The solar mounting installs of U.S. Market nearly 4 GW in Q4 2017
    Post time: 03-08-2018

    The United States saw its second largest level of solar mounting in any quarter during the final three months of 2017, according to the latest estimates from GTM Research  . The research organization released an estimate that the United States has installed nearly 4 GW of solar at the Solar Power...Read more »

  • Fast growthing of solar pv mounting industry translating into jobs
    Post time: 01-31-2018

    2017 represents a watershed year for the Australian renewable energy industry, and this means jobs. With around 4.42 GW of large scale projects currently under construction, more than 15,000 people are being put to work. The results were published today by Green Energy Markets in its Renewable E...Read more »

  • The Market Dynamics And Analysis Of Solar Pv Energy In Australia !
    Post time: 01-30-2018

    Today’s renewable sector is ready to leap into action, delivering affordable and reliable carbon-free electricity at scale in a short period of time – given a stable policy framework. This is being demonstrated in the Australian marketplace, with a host of new wind and large-scale solar PV mounti...Read more »

  • BNEF releases 2018 Solar pv energy predictions
    Post time: 01-24-2018

    Chief Editor of Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF  ), Angus McCrone his team have laid out their top clean energy  10 predictions for 2018. Overall, they estimate that, similar to 2017, global clean energy investment in 2018 will be around US$333 billion, based on the fact that due to the “remo...Read more »

  • The affecting factors of the solar power plant generation , do you know ?
    Post time: 01-22-2018

    With the development of the times and national policies vigorously advocated, photovoltaic power plants into millions of households.However, while the completion of their respective PV power plants, the operation and maintenance of PV power plants is a big problem. How to make their own photovol...Read more »

  • What should be the performance of PV mounting bracket equipment
    Post time: 01-10-2018

    PV mounting stringent performance requirements for steel, solar photovoltaic equipment steel bracket should have the following properties: 1) tensile strength and yield point. High yield point steel member can be reduced section to reduce the structural weight, saving steel, lower overall project...Read more »

  • Photovoltaic solar greenhouse design elements
    Post time: 01-09-2018

    Photovoltaic solar panels bracket are generally more greenhouse heavy, need better support columns and beams. Ordinary greenhouse roof angle to reach 35 °, with increasing latitude increases. To design sunny common greenhouse roofing, roof sunny roof angle should be around 35 °, around the roof c...Read more »

  • How to prevent the impact of snow on pv power capacity?
    Post time: 01-08-2018

    First,How to install solar pv mounting to prevent snow  ? Remember two points, one is the installation of solar panels at high angles. This will reduce the accumulation of snow, eliminating the need to clean up snow from time to time. “If you hesitate to choose between 30 degrees and 40 deg...Read more »

  • Shanghai Chiko Solar tells u how to choose material PV bracket
    Post time: 01-06-2018

    Solar PV mounting bracket is currently widely used system of points from the material, there are three concrete frame, steel frame and aluminum frame and so on. First, the concrete support mainly used in large-scale photovoltaic power plants, because of their self-important, can only be placed in...Read more »

  • What is the superiority of floor mounting bracket system?
    Post time: 01-04-2018

    Advantages of Ground Mounted Bracket Systems 1. The appearance of simple atmosphere 2. Compact structure, easy installation 3. Application of diversification, combination of strong 4. Unit weight is light 5. Maintenance-free, strong wind resistance 6. Wide range of applications Applicable ...Read more »

  • Post time: 01-03-2018

    The use of solar energy not only allows us to go further on the road of sustainable development, but also a pay, permanent profit. For residential buildings, the slope-type roof is very common, we install the slope of the roof of solar pv bracket is necessary to pay attention to various issues. ...Read more »

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