• What should be the performance of PV mounting bracket equipment
    Post time: 01-10-2018

    PV mounting stringent performance requirements for steel, solar photovoltaic equipment steel bracket should have the following properties: 1) tensile strength and yield point. High yield point steel member can be reduced section to reduce the structural weight, saving steel, lower overall project...Read more »

  • Photovoltaic solar greenhouse design elements
    Post time: 01-09-2018

    Photovoltaic solar panels bracket are generally more greenhouse heavy, need better support columns and beams. Ordinary greenhouse roof angle to reach 35 °, with increasing latitude increases. To design sunny common greenhouse roofing, roof sunny roof angle should be around 35 °, around the roof c...Read more »

  • How to prevent the impact of snow on pv power capacity?
    Post time: 01-08-2018

    First,How to install solar pv mounting to prevent snow  ? Remember two points, one is the installation of solar panels at high angles. This will reduce the accumulation of snow, eliminating the need to clean up snow from time to time. “If you hesitate to choose between 30 degrees and 40 deg...Read more »

  • Shanghai Chiko Solar tells u how to choose material PV bracket
    Post time: 01-06-2018

    Solar PV mounting bracket is currently widely used system of points from the material, there are three concrete frame, steel frame and aluminum frame and so on. First, the concrete support mainly used in large-scale photovoltaic power plants, because of their self-important, can only be placed in...Read more »

  • What is the superiority of floor mounting bracket system?
    Post time: 01-04-2018

    Advantages of Ground Mounted Bracket Systems 1. The appearance of simple atmosphere 2. Compact structure, easy installation 3. Application of diversification, combination of strong 4. Unit weight is light 5. Maintenance-free, strong wind resistance 6. Wide range of applications Applicable ...Read more »

  • Post time: 01-03-2018

    The use of solar energy not only allows us to go further on the road of sustainable development, but also a pay, permanent profit. For residential buildings, the slope-type roof is very common, we install the slope of the roof of solar pv bracket is necessary to pay attention to various issues. ...Read more »

  • Solar bracket’s inclination is becoming more flexible
    Post time: 01-02-2018

    The solar stent fixing structure comprises an anchor rod for installing a solar mounting bracket, the anchor rod including an underground anchor body, the upper end of the anchor body exposing the ground line and connecting with the solar stent, and the lower end of the anchor body is provided wi...Read more »

  • Over-all properties comparison of Solar pv bracket
    Post time: 12-29-2017

    Solar pv mounting bracket is the cornerstone of solar energy systems, especially for the rotation of solar energy, the requirements for the PV bracket higher, of course, its utilization is also higher. There are many types of solar pv bracket aluminum alloy and steel, etc., different materials, m...Read more »

  • Three kinds of solar PV bracket from China Solar support supplier Chiko
    Post time: 12-27-2017

    Solar PV bracket with slope roof photovoltaic system, flat roof photovoltaic system, large-scale ground photovoltaic system three categories. Three systems have their own advantages and characteristics, you know what? Slope roof solar pv bracket system Our stent is generally placed on the roof, s...Read more »

  • Shanghai Chiko Sola disscusses the application of solar pv bracket ground matrix
    Post time: 12-21-2017

    Before the comparison of common and commonly used solar PV bracket base installation there are two main ways: one is the concrete foundation of solar photovoltaic support, and the other is the foundation of the pile foundation. At present, some of the more large-scale photovoltaic power plant is...Read more »

  • Solution of Factory roof solar photovoltaic power project
    Post time: 12-20-2017

    The use of idle factory roofs to build photovoltaic power generation can not only reduce energy consumption, but also make full use of idle resources to save energy and bring huge economic and environmental benefits to the factory. The basic equipments of distributed photovoltaic system include ...Read more »

  • Chiko Solar talks about the future development trend of solar pv bracket support equipment
    Post time: 12-19-2017

    The future development trend of solar pv bracket support equipment. Photovoltaic (PV) is one of the most promising forms of energy utilization in many new energy sources. The agricultural photovoltaic greenhouse is installed on the top of the ordinary greenhouse, which is installed solar panels....Read more »

  • Chiko Solar has an overview of solar photovoltaic stents in 2017
    Post time: 12-18-2017

    According to the use of the stent can be divided into solar thermal bracket (solar water heater bracket) and solar photovoltaic stent. Solar support is a solar water tank support elements, is an important part of solar energy, solar energy in the promotion process plays an important role. Today,...Read more »

  • Chiko Solar talks about New bright spots in the development prospect of photovoltaic bracket
    Post time: 12-06-2017

    The products of solar PV bracket support can be divided into ground support system, plane roof support system, oblique roof  system, column support system and adjustable angle roof support system. Today, the developing solar pv bracket is a special support for the design of solar panel, which i...Read more »

  • Chiko Solar talks about the solar PV bracket mounting system for pitched rooftops
    Post time: 12-05-2017

    Solar PV bracket mounting system for pitched rooftops The most common part of villa projects is the construction of the pitched roof solar PV brackets support system. According to the experience of Shanghai Chiko Solar  energy project, most of the solar PV bracket support systems used on the roo...Read more »

  • White House requires a damage report or a tax on imported solar energy panel bracket
    Post time: 12-04-2017

    Donald Trump (Donald Trump), the trade representative of the president, asked for further details about how low cost imported solar panels bracket related products could hurt American manufacturers to elaborate on whether to impose solar tariffs. In a letter, Rodgers, the US Trade Representative ...Read more »

  • Factors to be considered for selection of solar PV bracket by manufacturers
    Post time: 12-01-2017

    When we know the solar pv bracket, we can grasp that this device is very important in absorbing solar energy, and the product is very environmentally and friendly, and it will not cause any harm to the environment. With the overall energy utilization of the problem of photovoltaic support, the d...Read more »

  • Amazon announces solar initial PV projects totaling up to 41 MW
    Post time: 11-30-2017

    Amazon on March 2nd, 2017 announced a new initiative to generate clean energy by installing solar panels on its fulfillment facilities around the world. The company plans to deploy large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) bracket system on rooftops of more than 15 fulfillment and sortation centers in ...Read more »

  • Chiko Solar discusses on the future development trend of solar pv bracket
    Post time: 11-28-2017

    With the vigorous development of China’s green economy, resulting in the rapid development of photovoltaic industry, photovoltaic enterprises now begin to adopt new ideas, new design, new materials, solar pv bracket to provide safe, reliable, economical and multifunctional for domestic user...Read more »

  • market insight: Total market poised to triple in next five years
    Post time: 11-27-2017

    Over the next five years, the cumulative U.S. solar market is expected to nearly triple in size, even as a slight dip is expected in 2017. GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) announced these historic figures on March 9th, 2017 in the U.S. Solar Market Insight 2016 Yea...Read more »

  • Experiment of solar photovoltaic bracket in typhoon circumstance
    Post time: 11-23-2017

    Under the environment of the typhoon is a strong resistance, a lot of solar energy photovoltaic bracket is due to the typhoon invasion, have damaged or severely damaged, to make solar energy photovoltaic bracket can not affected, Shanghai Chiko Solar mounting system product factory do lots of exp...Read more »

  • Automatic adjustment of the solar panel angle with a Solar Tracker
    Post time: 11-20-2017

    With an automatic light tracking system your solar array will be pointed directly towards the sun all the time. This would be done automatic in realtime with the help of robotic scaffoldings of the same type as some of the large solar farms are using. The price of a system like this is likely to ...Read more »

  • Adjustable and movable solar panels racking
    Post time: 11-13-2017

    If you would like to get the absolute best performance from your solar panels you should put them up on movable scaffolding on the yard, or on special movable solar panel bracket holders or frames on your roof. This way you could adjust the tilt angle and direction of the solar panels racking to ...Read more »

  • How to find the Best solar panel bracket angle or tilt angle
    Post time: 11-12-2017

    What tilt angle should I install my solar panels bracket in? A question many of us asks when the decision to finally install a solar system in our home is finally made. Naturally you will get the most energy from your photovoltaic solar panels when these are pointed exactly towards the sun. But ...Read more »

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